Students who use these buses will meet with senior staff, and expectations outlined.  Most of our students use a Snapper card, which should be kept in the secure classroom lock-up during the day.


Route 825 (morning route)

8:00am   Stokes Valley Terminus - Rakau Grove

8:00am   Stokes Valley Road 

8:01am   Stokes Valley Road (opposite Kamahi Street)

8:02am   Stokes Valley Road at Manuka Street

8:02am   George Street at Stokes Valley Road

8:03am   George Street at Chittick Street 

8:03am   Stokes Valley Road at Chittick Street 

8:04am   Stokes Valley Road at Milton Street 

8:04am   Stokes Valley Road at Delaney Park 

8:05am   Hawthorn Crescent at Stokes Valley Road 

8:05am   Hawthorn Crescent at Glen Road 

8:06am   Tawhai School - Glen Road

8:06am   The Glen - Tawhai Street 

8:07am   Tawhai Street 

8:08am   The Glen - Horoeka Street 

8:09am   Horoeka Street at Lowry Crescent

8:09am   The Glen - Horoeka Street at Glen Road 

8:10am   Glen Road at Stokes Valley Road 

8:10am   Tui Glen School (near 59)

8:11am   Stokes Valley Road at Hawthorn Crescent

8:11am   Stokes Valley Shops - Bowers Street 

8:12am   Stokes Valley Shops - George Street 

8:12am   Logie Street (near 40)

8:13am   Logie Street at Fenchurch Grove Walkway

8:14am   Logie Street at Shaftsbury Grove 

8:14am   Holborn Drive at Aldersgate Grove

8:14am   Holborn Drive (near 172)

8:15am   Holborn Drive at Greenwich Grove 

8:16am   Holborn Drive (near 106)

8:16am   Holborn Drive (near 74)

8:17am   Holborn Drive at Harold Grove (near 52)

8:17am   Holborn Drive (near 12)

8:17am   Holborn Drive at Stokes Valley Road 

8:19am   Stokes Valley Entrance - Stop B

8:21am   High Street at The Glade

8:23am   High Street at Farmer Crescent (near 1348)

8:23am   High Street at Petherick Street 

8:24am   High Street at Watkins Grove 

8:25am   Taita Station - High Street - Stop A

8:26am   High Street opposite Macky Street 

8:27am   High Street at Burcham Street (near 1112)

8:30am   Avalon Intermediate School (school stop) 



Route 825 (afernoon route)

3:00pm   Avalon Intermediate School (school stop)

3:00pm   High Street at Burcham Street (near 1105)

3:01pm   High Street at Macky Street 

3:02pm   Taita Station - High Street - Stop B

3:03pm   High Street at Biddle Crescent 

3:04pm   High Street at Partridge Street 

3:05pm   High Street at Farmer Crescent 

3:06pm   High Street at The Links 

3:06pm   High Street at The Endway

3:09pm   Stokes Valley Entrance - Stop A

3:10pm   Holborn Drive at Stokes Valley Road (near 3)

3:10pm   Holborn Drive at Harold Grove (near 33)

3:11pm   Holborn Drive (near 75)

3:12pm   Holborn Drive at Clapham Grove 

3:12pm   Holborn Drive at Greenwich Grove (near 135)

3:13pm   Holborn Drive (near 153)

3:14pm   Holborn Drive at Shaftsbury Grove 

3:14pm   Logie Street (near 89)

3:15pm   Logie Street at Gribble Grove 

3:15pm   Loggie Street (near 14)

3:16pm   George Street at Logie Street 

3:16pm   Stokes Valley Shops - Evans Street 

3:17pm   Stokes Valley Road at St Phillips Anglican Church 

3:18pm   Tui Glen School (near 128)

3:18pm   Glen Road at Takanini Grove 

3:19pm   The Glen - Horoeka Street at Glen Road (near 5) 

3:19pm   Horoeka Street at Lowry Crescent 

3:20pm   The Glen - Horoeka Street (near 95)

3:21pm   The Glen - Tawhai Street (near 56)

3:22pm   Tawhai Street (near 12)

3:22pm   Tawhai School - Glen Road (opposite) 

3:23pm   Hawthorn Crescent at Glen Road (near 28)

3:23pm   Hawthorn Crescent at Stokes Valley Road (near 4)

3:24pm   Stokes Valley Shops - Stokes Valley Road (opposite) 

3:24pm   Stokes Valley Road (near 225)

3:25pm   Stokes Valley Road at Milton Street (near 255)

3:25pm   Stokes Valley Road at Chittick Street (near 275)

3:26pm   George Street at Chittick Street (near 333)

3:26pm   George Street at Stokes Valley Road 

3:27pm   Stokes Valley Road at Manuka Street (near 357)

3:28pm   Stokes Valley Road at Kamahi Street 

3:28pm   Stokes Valley Road (near 479)

3:30pm   Stokes Valley Terminus - Rakau Grove