Kaitiaki Whenua Garden Group


I grow garden - winners of the 2012 sustainable movie competition


The Kaitiaki Whenua (carers of the land) group meet each Thursday after school. This group offers the fabulous opportunity for  students interested in environmental issues to learn more about being sustainable and self sufficient by running a vegetable garden and orchard. With the addition of the green house in 2012 the garden is a high producer of organic vegetables and fruit. In 2015 we were lucky to receive a grant which enabled us to put in 2 water tanks.  These collect rain water from the roof, and are used to water the garden during the hot summer months.


The produce from the garden is used in the Foods programme and also enjoyed by the Kaitiaki Whenua group in their own homes.The Kaitiaki Whenua group also set up the Paper for Trees program where the school receives trees for paper the school recycles.  In 2012 the Kaitiaki Whenua group had a learning day on Matiu Somes island studying native flora and fauna,  and produced the I Grow A Garden music video.