Music Room - Te Manaakitanga Studio

The Music Room, AKA Te Manaakitanga Studio, provides a space where students can explore music in a safe, fun and exciting environment. Equipped with ukuleles, guitars, bass guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, drums, flutes and a range of percussion instruments, there is no shortage of musical gear! In the Music Room students are exposed to a wide range of music from different cultures and genres. The aim of Music at Avalon is to develop student belief in their own musical skills, while increasing their confidence and connecting them with the exciting world of sound art.

Music Video Education

Music Video Education (MVE) is a teaching model developed by Paascalino Schaller that aims to develop the academic and creative minds of students through songwriting and video production. With Music Video Education I hope to facilitate the learning and achievement of children by boosting their personal and academic confidence. Students can feel success by drawing on their interests in music, dancing, acting and performing.


At Avalon Intermediate School we are passionate about music and have many students coming through every year full of enthusiasm and talent. It is this passion and talent that has drawn us towards making music videos for various nation wide competitions every year. Each of these videos relate to positive living and sustainability in some way- which helps to highlight important values for the children and their respective communities.  


Communities see the high achieving work that their youths are producing by way of writing songs and making music videos and thus encourage them to continue flourishing.




List of competitions Won by Avalon Intermediate - Click on titles to watch music videos

  1. I Grow A Garden (2012) 

  2. Dance 4 Asthma (2013)

  3. Boom Crash Bang (2013) - One news in the Studio

  4. I’m A little Molecule Of H20 (2013)

  5. Flying with the Honey makers (2014)

  6. Beeing A Honey Maker (2014)

  7. Fly Safe (2015) 

  8. The Plastic Reducers (2015)

  9. The Healthy Wrap (2015)


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 Favourite Quote

This Quote is from a ted talk called ‘Music as a language’ Watch TED Talk Here

“Countries make booms with the goal of hurting people, installing fear, killing people, proving a point. Countries, governments bless the bomb before they are sent, this happens from the top down, the government down, this is our answer. Makes me realise the solution may have to come from the bottom up. Is anyone working on a bomb that makes people love you, maybe a cubid bomb? I believe we already have it, it’s called music and every country has their own version of it, and it works, it brings people together, you don’t have to know a thing about it, to get it, it’s a language, it's a lifestyle and it can save the world. My name is Victor Wooten and I’m a musician and hope you will join me on the battle field.”

Victor Wooten.