Week 10 Newsletter 29 Sep 2017

End of Term 3
School finishes tomorrow at 2.50pm.  Term 4 returns on Monday 16th October at 8.45am. It has been a busy and hard term with so much rain but on the bright side there has been a lot of positive learning and home/school contact. Students have been involved in fun ‘outside’ the school events this term.  Thank you to the staff who have organised these.

Please remember to use your MAGIC CARD for free swims at the local pools and free internet use at the Public Libraries. Please we want all students using their Magic Cards over the holiday break, we are a very lucky school to be given this opportunity.



It has been a very busy Term 3 with many learning opportunities made available to students. We congratulate all students who have made the most of the learning opportunities offered. Well done!

Term 4 is very short (43 school days) it will go by very quickly. We have the SCIENCE ROADSHOW in week 1 at Naenae Intermediate, all students are expected to attend and the cost is $5.00per student. It would be good to have the permission slips and $5.00 tomorrow from all students.



Thank you to families who supported the school by joining with us to celebrate the end of term 3.  The award winners have their names published in this newsletter.  We congratulate and recognise their learning and behaviour under our ACROSTIC – Attend, Value, Aspire, Leader & Learner, Our Place, Never Give Up.

End of Term 3 Goldcard:  It was a great to see a large collection of gold cards at the end of the term.  These are just small reflection of the positive choices that the students at Avalon Intermediate make on a daily basis. Congratulations to Alex Hurtado R7, Celeste Orsborn R8  and Fiona Varun R3.



The BOT have decided to install Solar Panels on the roof of the main block of school. These panels will enable AIS to receive power from the sun which in turn will pay for our electricity use!! We are very pleased to be taking this sustainable approach at school, which sits nicely with our environmental work, our gardens, fruit trees and recycling. We expct students to get a great deal of learning from having solar at school and there will be units of work taught that will explain how solar works and what it means for the school. We are expecting the panels to be fitted in the first four weeks of term 4, a perfect time to make the most of the on-coming summer sun!!





The BOT are going to have a clean out of all the extra furniture/gear we have on Saturday 30th September.  Before we throw the accumulated ‘stuff’ away we are going to make it available to our parent/caregiver community.  We don’t have a full picture of what we actually have but there will be furniture that will be of help to families.  We will be asking for a donation for anything taken away.  Please feel free to turn up to school on the first Saturday of the holidays at 11am and have a look.

All students will be attending the Science Roadshow on Wednesday and Thursday of week 1 Term 4 (18/19th October) at Naenae Intermediate School. We will travel down by bus. The BOT are again subsidising a student event therfore the cost to students is $5.00. Could the permission slips and $5 please be brought to school tomorrow. A reminder notice has already gone out this week on Tuesday. Thank you for your support.


A huge congratulations to the speech finalists who presented their speeches at the final assembly yesterday.  We were absolutely ‘blown’ away by the quality of their speeches and we are incredibly proud of all of them.  They spoke with passion oand their presence on stage was outstanding.  We would also like to acknolwedge those students who made it to the team finals;  the teachers found it very difficult to choose the  finalists.  Well done to ALL of the students at AIS for getting behind the competition – thank you for your support.Mr Hastie listened to all the speeches and was very impressed.  He found it very hard to separate all the contestants and then chose 2 as first equal who are :  JOSEPH VILIAMU &  ISABELLE ELLIOT are the winners!



The Finalists were:

Hakeema Aminudeen             “Oppportunities”

Isabelle Elliot                         “We are all Superheroes”

Kohine Te Aotonga                  “Bravery”

Precious Mainuu                      “Sexism”

Lucy Tagoai                            “Ageism”

Joseph Viliamu                        “Sexism”

Cassidy Faitele                        “Judging a Book by its Cover”

All these finalists are having lunch with Mr. Hastie tomorrow



Basketball Ball:  Well done to all of our basketball teams who played at Walter Nash on Wednesday evenings.

Y7 boys team: WON their grade.  Thank you to Jordan Simpson-Tiati and Steph Lamborn for coaching and managing the team.

Y8 girls: came SECOND in their grade.  Thank you to Ti Watson ad Julia Poasa for coaching and managing.

Y8 boys:  they also had a great season. Thank you to Leanne Kepa and Stuart Crafts for coaching and managing.


Rugby Tickets for the Wellington vs Otago Game Sunday 1st October

We have some child/adult tickets available for this game on Sunday. If you are interested please call into school and try your luck.  1 adult ticket per 4 student tickets.


NZ Under 13 Maori Rugby League Team: We congratulate Liam Carroll and Mana Dudley-Kiikoro on making this team after a tournament at Ngaruawahia last week. I belive this is the first time we have had students make a national team, certainly in my time. We congratulate both boys on a wonderful achievements.




Room 1

Nicole Ly                                                           Thomas Mathew 


Room 2

Naomi Faauli                                                               Nikki Kiwha

Multicraft                                                           Nico Alataua

Fabric                                                                Hoani Campbell-Tapa

Music                                                                Taia Taula

Wheelchair Licence                                                      Tanya Hadfield-Wereta

Room 3 

Boston Doherty                                                  Jackie-Mae Sakey 

Fabric                                                                Fiona Varun

Visual Art                                                          Zayda-Jade Simpson- Tiaki

Music                                                                Haillee Thompson

Wood                                                                Mercy Mainu’u

Wood                                                                D’Zanae Matehe-Townsend


Room 4

Marissa Kelemete                                               Kingdom Pearse-Pairama                          

Foods                                                                Destiny Persigas

Multicraft                                                           Rima Tahouf                 

Visual Art                                                          Bonnie O’Meara


Room 5 

Olef Maliko                                                        Juliet Mawi

Foods                                                                Juliet Mawi 

Music                                                                Hemi Moreli


Room 6

Stephen Adam-Watty                                          Precious Toaititi

Music                                                                Lucy Tagoai 


Room 7  

Jemima Lilo                                                       Isabella Candy

Wood                                                                Terina Kopu-Thorn


Room 8 

Nicholas Dennison                                              Cheenal Sologar

Multicraft                                                           Xodus Purewa

Visual Art                                                          Manaia Moke-Brightwell


Room 9  

Leontaye Tutahi                                                 Tahsin Labiba

Fabric                                                                 Tahsin Labiba

Visual Art                                                          Gay Lar Mu 

Multicraft                                                           Jacinta Po Ching

Wood                                                                Paige Anderson

Fabric                                                                Skyanne Edmonds




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Happy and safe holidays to all -

Ian Hastie