Term 1 - Week 4 28 Feb 2019






NEWSLETTER NO. 4   28/2/19





During week 6, our students will be attending Koraunui Marae as part of our Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC). They will be doing various activities and spending a night at the marae. More information is attached.



Due to the construction happening between school and the shops, could we please ask all parents / caregivers to drop off or pick up their child from around the corner in Percy Cameron Street or further North along High Street. This will be an ongoing safety issue until the subdivision roadworks are completed. Students are not to be dropped off or picked up  south of the school crossing or in the school carpark as it causes a backup for visitors or staff who need to park plus the trucks coming and going.  We would really appreciate it if all families could make the effort with this request.



Avalon Intermediate School Athletics Day is on Wednesday 6th March and runs for most of the day. Athletics has been the focus on PE lessons this term and we are looking forward to the big day. All parents/caregivers are welcome to come and support their child on the day.




Our Fruit in Schools deliveries have started again. Students have fruit delivered to their classrooms each morning, which they eat in class during fruit break time.




Literacy and Maths  and Science Study Centres will begin next week. The purpose of these sessions are to offer extra learning support to students who are interested and committed. Permission slips are available from your childs classroom teacher.

Please contact Ariana Te Whetu if you would like more information.   
Maths Study Centre – Tuesday afternoon (Mr Flockton)

Literacy Study Centre – Wednesday afternoon (Mrs Te Whetu and Miss Poasa)

Science Study Centre  – Thursday afternoon (Ms Campbell and Mrs Robinson)

Gardening Study Centre – Thursday afternoon (Mr Crafts)







Last week the public health nurses came to speak to the students about the Boostrix and Gardasil immunisations available later this term. Your child will have come home with an immunisation letter, please complete either Part A if you want your child to be immunised or Part B if you do not want them to be immunized and return it to school.


Camp Survivor is run locally at Silverstream Retreat, it’s all about fun adventure and friends, with activities games and challenges. This year’s FREE camp is going to be run on the 14-17th April for years 7 and 8 students. If your child is interested go to their website at www.campsurvivor.co.nz for more details and registration.



Specsavers Lower Hutt offers annual free Eye Examinations to all children aged under 16. Families or children with a Community Services Card can apply for an Enable grant (funded by the Ministry of Health) to completely cover the cost of glasses; just take a valid Community Services Card with you on the day. The test only takes 20 minutes. Here are 10 signs there might be something wrong with a child’s eyesight:

1. Straining their eyes or tilting their head to see better

2. Frequent eye rubbing

3. Losing their place while reading or using a finger to guide the eyes

4. Sensitivity to light/ excessive tearing

5. Falling behind in school

6. Complaining of headaches or tired eyes

7. Always sitting too close to TV or holding a book too close

8. Avoiding activities which require near vision, such as reading or homework; or distance vision, such as sport or other activities

9. Closing one eye to read, watch TV or see better

10. Avoiding using a computer or tablet because it ‘hurts their eyes’



Ian Hastie







Thursday 28th February 2019


Dear Parents and Caregivers


In Week 6 our classes will be going to Koraunui Marae as part of EOTC and team building experiences. Having this at the beginning of the year is helpful as it helps students to build positive relationships with each other, the staff and the wider community.

There is no charge for the overnight stay, our BOT are kindly supporting this event.

We do invite each child to bring something to go towards dinner on the night that they are staying at the marae. Parents/whanau may prefer to drop this directly to the marae and are welcome to join us for dinner that night. We will also organise food for dinner such as sausages and salad. 

Dates for Noho Marae (overnight stay):

Monday 11th March: Rm 1 and Rm 2 (Mr Flockton and Mr Thompson)

Tuesday 12th March: Rm 4 and Rm 5 (Mrs Moka and Mr Crafts)

Wednesday 13th March: Rm 8 and Rm 9 (Miss Poasa and Mr Poad)

Thursday 14th March: Rm 6 and Rm 7 (Miss Sinclair and Mrs Murdoch)


These classes will e welcomed onto the Marae in the morning and then participate in the programme that teachers have organised. They will have dinner at the marae, and then stay there overnight. After breakfast and tidy up, they will welcome the next two classes onto the marae, and then will bus to the next organised activity – more details about this activity will be sent out by the classroom teacher. They will return to school by 2:30pm and will be able to go home at the usual time of 2:50pm.

Learning Experiences:

-                Powhiri to welcome AIS to Koraunui Marae

-                Learning about the history of Koraunui Marae

-                Swim at Stokes Valley Pool

-                Adventure-based learning activities

-                PE/Sport Activities

Parental Support:

We welcome parents/whanau to support the teachers and students for the Noho Marae. If you are able to help, please indicate your availability on the slip below. If you are willing to helping with the Powhiri, please contact the classroom teacher and talk with them.

Gear List:

We have included a gear list on the back of this letter. Please read through this with your child to check they have everything that they need. The students can come to school in mufti on the morning that they are going to Noho Marae, but need to be dressed appropriately so they can participate in sports activities. We do not want students to take cell phones or cameras. Lock up will be collected as usual on the morning that they are due to leave, and will be locked away at school. If you need to contact your child you can call the school office and they will pass on a message. If it is after school hours you can contact the teaching team at the marae on 0210664986.


If your child needs to take medication e.g. asthma inhalers, antibiotics etc please put this in a sealed bag with clear instructions that outline the time and dosage required. This needs to be given to the classroom teacher when the student arrives at school.


If you have any questions, please contact the classroom teacher. We are looking forward to spending this time together.


Nga mihi,


Avalon Intermediate Teachers



I give permission for my child to attend the overnight EOTC two day outing.    Yes  /  No


I can assist teacher by being involved.   Yes  /  No (during Day / Overnight / Both)


Student Name………………………………………………… Room……………………


Parent Name………………………………………..Phone………………………………



Gear List


Please ensure your child brings the following gear in ONE large bag. They will also need their school bag on the day.



Number Required

Tick/Check you have got it!

Sleeping bag



Fitted sheet



Pillow and pillow case



Togs and towel



Waterproof jacket



Warm jersey/sweatshirt




2 pairs








Long trousers









Sun hat



Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap



Water bottle



1 packet of biscuits to share for supper



Sports shoes



School bag



Packed lunch (for the day they go up to the Marae)



*Each family is asked to contribute a dish towards dinner on the night that your child is staying at the marae. This can either be dropped to the marae (by 5pm) or brought to school in the morning. Families are welcome to join us for dinner at the marae.