TERM 2 - WEEK 8 05 Jun 2020


Ramere 5 o Piripi - Friday 5th June

Term 2, Week 8


School Photos

Our school photos were taken today, you are still able to order these online if you have not already done so. 


Bee Healthy Dental Van Message

Bee Healthy Regional Dental Service is pleased to inform you they are able to start doing dental checks from Avalon Intermediate School at level 2. We will be visiting the school from 22nd June - 26th June. They can examine any student  who is well (from class) using strict infection prevention and control processes. Your child’s temperature may be checked with a thermometer prior to entering the van. If a child has a temperature higher than 38o  we will defer your child’s examination until they are well. Parents should contact us on 0800Talkteeth or the school office if they do not want their child to receive their dental check at school. This will be recorded in the child’s notes as either a temporary or permanent consent change. During our visit we will be prioritising year 8 students.  If your child is not seen on the van during this visit, please ring 0800 TALK TEETH at an appointment at our Naenae Hub Clinic.



Vicky Malaeola Simolo is the winner of the Principal’s Award this week. Vicky has a HUGE smile on her face nearly all of the time and she works hard to improve her learning. Congratulations Vicky! 


The winner of our Gold Card Draw this week was Ne-Ya Harrison. Ka mau te wehi Ne-Ya - keep up the great work at our school. 


Term 2 Reports and Learning Conversations 

Students will bring their Term 2 report home on Friday 12th June.  We have slightly adapted our usual report template because of the effect that lockdown has had on teaching and learning programmes, but we would like to be able to share information with you about your child’s results from Term 1 assessments, their next learning steps and give you an update from your child’s teacher about the first two terms. 


Following on from the report we have set dates for Learning Conversations (parent-teacher meetings). These will be held at different times between Monday 15th June and Tuesday 23rd June. It is really important that you talk with your child’s teacher(s) about their learning and this will give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the report and/or how things are going. 

We have given three options for the Learning Conversation: 

  • A face to face meeting at school 

  • A Google Meet (invites for this will be sent to your child’s Avalon Intermediate email address and your child can bring a school chromebook home for this meeting if needed) 

  • A phone call 

Please follow the instructions on the next page by selecting the type of interview you would like, and then the day and time that suits you or click this link to go directly to the booking sheet. I hope that you find the different options helpful, given the current situation with COVID-19. 



School Newsletter Update

Please note that we will be sending school newsletters home on Fridays until the end of term 3. If you do not receive the newsletter by email, please call Leanne in the school office 5677 453 or email admin@ais.school.nz and she will add you to the mailing list. We are also emailing all students the weekly newsletter so they can read about our updates each week. Paper copies of the newsletter are available for families who do not have access to email. 


Enjoy the weekend,


Ariana Te Whetu 


Learning Conversations/Interviews are available between Monday 15th June and Tuesday 23rd June from 3:00pm - 5:00pm on most days. Teachers have set their availability so it does vary across classrooms. Late night options are available on Tuesday 16th June and Wednesday 17th June. 

If these dates and times do not work for you, please email your child’s classroom teacher and they will organise a suitable time with you. 


To book your interview, go to www.schoolinterviews.co.nz/code in your browser, and enter the event code x66u7

  1. First enter your name, your student's name, and your email address. 

  1. Choose the TYPE of interview you would like - Face to Face    OR    Google Meet    OR    Phone call 

  1. Select the teacher(s) you want to meet. Technology teachers are available if you would like to meet with them too.

  1. Then you'll see a timetable showing when your chosen teachers are available. Simply click on the times that suit you.

When you have finished, your interview timetable will be emailed to you. And you can return to the site and enter the event code  x66u7 again to change or cancel your interview.

If you don't have internet access, please call Leanne at the school office (5677 453) and she will be able to make a booking for you.