NEWSLETTER NO. 11 - 30/04/2015 30 Apr 2015

NEWSLETTER NO. 11 -  30/04/2015



Jenny Raumoa will be running Reading Together workshops on Monday mornings over the next four weeks from 11am – 11.45am.  The purpose of the workshops is to help parents/caregivers support their children’s reading at home more effectively.  We ran evening workshops in term 1 this year and are now offering these morning sessions to parents/caregiver who are available during the day.  If you missed joining these workshops please contact Ariana Te Whetu or Jenny Raumoa to register.


Thank you to all those families who have been making automatic payments it certainly makes life easier for you and the school.  If you would like to start an AP we have forms available from the school office.  Our bank account details are:  123 142 0298643 00 for online banking.  Please ensure the name of your child shows on our bank statement.  If you are paying technology fees term by term the second instalment of $20 per term is now due.  Statements will be sent home via your child today outlining all payments due.  Please note costs for November camps will be out shortly so you can plan ahead



A group of young leaders represented our school at the ANZAC ceremony on Saturday at both Taita and Stokes Valley.  Thank you for your attendance. 




This is once again an opportunity for all parents/caregivers to meet informally in classrooms with classroom teachers and students.  Please ‘pencil in’ the relevant date. All meetings begin at 6.00pm

Room 1 Monday 18th May, Rooms 2 & 4 Tuesday 19th May, Room 3 Wednesday 20th May, Room 5 Tuesday 12th  May, R6 Wednesday 13th  May & Room 7 Thursday 21st May.



We have a few students with hair lice and to prevent the spread we ask every family to check their child’s/children’s chair and purchase appropriate shampoo from their pharmacy to kill the eggs.



Congratulations to Arleen Edmonds R4 who was the winner of the principal’s award and the  4 gold card winners of tickets to the Circus - Sesilia Va’a  R5 , Andres Andrade Hurtado R5, Maia Brinkley R5 and Kapish Sharma R1.  It looks like R5 are making good choices to win the majority of the draw this week!  Well done.                                                       


This seminar has been confirmed for Wednesday 6th May at 6pm.  It will be held at St Michael’s school library.  When we have further information it will be placed in our newsletter.



The fabric & cooking technology classes will start the move to the renovated rooms next week.  It seems to have been a long exercise but the upgrade will be well worth it.  We should be back to normal by Monday 11th May.



If your child is now in year 8 this is the last year they will be seen by the therapists at the school in the mobile examination van.  At the beginning of year 9 their dental care system will be transferred to a publicly funded FREE dental care until their 18th birthday.

If you wish to change to another provider or to your current family dentist select one from the list on the back of your child’s letter or visit

 www.bee  and call 570 9273 to notify them of this change. Once you and child are happy with the provider chosen it’s all done.  Your child will be contacted by their new dental provider at the start of year 9. 


                         COMMUNITY NOTICES
The Sustainability Trust is giving away fitted, lined curtains for your home’s main living area curtains for free (community services is a must!).  To make an appointment phone 385 0500 ext 705.



If your child has a sore throat then it is important that they get it checked by their doctor or attend a sore throat clinic in your area.  Sore throats can be caused by a certain type of germ (Strep throat).  If this germ is not treated it may cause rheumatic fever and permanent damage to the heart.


Ian Hastie, Principal