NEWSLETTER NO. 37 - 26/11/2015 26 Nov 2015

NEWSLETTER   NO. 37  -  26/11/2015



As part of our topic inquiry this term classes are selling healthy food at lunchtimes over the next two weeks.  Students can purchase these items for less than $3.

  • Room 5 is selling on Tuesday 1st December
  • Room 1 is selling on Thursday 3rd December
  • Room 7 is selling on Friday 4th December

Thank you for supporting our inquiry!



Thank you for all the support we have received from parents and families over the last week for our camps. Our students thoroughly enjoyed their camps, and have had a wonderful outdoor experience, at a very reasonable cost.

Here are some of the comments from our last students who have been to Camp:

Malachi R4 – “I really liked camp because it was a new experience for me”

Jammal R4 – “I really enjoyed camp because we went for a tramp to Holdsworth Lookout and it was raining and the main point about it was pushing ourselves to the limit”

Naomi R4 – “My main highlight of camp was the last day on Thursday when we had an outing to the dairy farm, Woolshed Museum,  Queen Elizabeth Park and the Masterton Pool”

Monique R4 – “My main highlight on camp was doing the tramp with Mr Jackett to Rocky Lookout.  The reason why is because he pushed us hard”.

Ereti R3 – “I liked going into the freezing river for a swim”

Seth R3 – “My favourite moment was when we hiked up to Rocky Lookout – the view was amazing”

Brayden R3- “I loved going up the Holdsworth Lookout because it was steep”

Trinity R3 – “I enjoyed going to the Queen Elizabeth Park because we got to play in a cool, amazing park”. 

Thank you for those comments it sounds lots of fun!!!



This finishes next week on Thursday 3rd December.



Air New Zealand flew 44 AIS students, 3 teachers and 3 parents/caregivers to Auckland for winning the Air NZ Safety Video Competition in Term 1.  We had a fabulous sunny day up in Auckland with many unforgettable moments such as:   singing ‘fly safe’  on the aeroplane, bumping into some of the All Blacks at Auckland Airport, checking out the Air NZ exhibition at Auckland Museum and landing safely in a very windy Wellington with another different All Black on board the flight.  Thank you Air New Zealand, AIS students, teachers and parents/caregivers for making it such a special day.

Comments from staff and R7 students -

Mr Jackett  R7 – “a student saying to me 30 minutes into the flight after looking out the window”  ‘What’s that other plane doing next to us?’  Mr. Jackett’s  reply to student:  “That’s the wing !!!!!”

Finnan R7 – “The best part of our the Air New Zealand trip was taking off and we were going really fast”

Jakaan – R7 – “My favourite part was coming into land at Wellington airport;  it was very bumpy like a rollercoaster and a lot of people were screaming”

Tessa – R7  - “The scariest part was when we had lots of turbulence in the plane”

Kiyarah R7 - “The best thing about the day was being able to go to Auckland and seeing everyone involved with the video and it was all because of Mr Schaller and Mr Jackett”,



The library will close on Monday 30th November for students, this will  enable the stocktake to be processed;  this is requirement of the Ministry of Education.  Please have a big hunt around for any AIS library books you may still have a home and return them to school.  Thank you.



In yesterday’s assembly Ilma Aminudeen  R6  was presented with my Principal’s Award and Joanne Koia R7 the lucky gold card draw prize.  Well done girls!



We have 14 days of school left with a great deal going on.  It is vital that all students remain focused on school over these days making the most of the great things we have on offer for them.  Please all students working positively.



 Please ensure the Magic Cards are being used and remember that only the very best and highest expectations while in the Centre or at the Pools.

THE TAITA CLUBHOUSE: Open Whanau Day tomorrow night (27th).  Get along and see the great things going on in the Taita Shopping Centre at The Clubhouse.

Ian Hastie,  Principal