NEWSLETTER NO. 6 10/3/16 10 Mar 2016

NEWSLETTER   NO. 6   10/3/16



By the end of next week we will have completed EOTC activities and students will have had almost 6 weeks in school.

Routines and expectations are now very clear and the expectation from staff is that all students are organised and settled into their learning.  A reminder our challenge is to ACCELERATE STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT IN THE TWO YEARS WE HAVE THEM – this requires application from all students.



The next Board of Trustees meeting is Tuesday 15th March @ 6.30pm.



Next week there are 6 classes involved in overnight stays and days out of school.

  • Monday – Tuesday Rooms 2 & 9  (overnight Monday)
  • Tuesday – Wednesday Rooms 7 & 8  (overnight Tuesday)
  • Wednesday – Thursday Rooms 4 & 5 (overnight Wednesday)

The first day sees classes out on day trips and returning to school after 3.00pm. 

Day two sees classes going to The Clubhouse at Taita and the Walter Nash Centre as well as other activities.   The purpose of the overnights is -

ü  A team building exercise for students and teachers

ü  An opportunity to meet parents/caregivers who support the trips

ü  To build an understanding of what it is to be an A.I.S. student at Avalon and also in our community – A positive Leader/Learner

ü  To fully understand the AIS ACROSTIC and act on what it says

ü  To have fun!!

Thank you to all the parents/caregivers who have supported the overnights.



 We remind you again these meetings are on two nights @ 6-7pm:

Monday 21st March for Rooms 2, 3, 5 & 7.      

Tuesday 22nd March for Rooms 4, 6, 8 & 9

Get along and see what learning is happening in your child’s room. A separate letter will come home from individual classes.



Ilma Aminudeen R8 won the principal’s award for being a Learner/Leader. Well done Ilma – you are making such good choices! The gold card winner is Rachel Fairbairn R2 for the ACCROSTIC ‘O’ looking after Our Place.



School Athletic Sports: We were very fortunate to have a great weather day and thank you to all the parents/caregivers who supported our day.  It was really good to see so many students putting in a huge effort to do their very best. 

Inter School Athletics:  Monday 21st March at Newtown Park for those who excelled and made the school team.  A separate letter will follow.

Winter Sports: We are not far away from our Netball and Basketball winter session (even if the weather is very much summer!!).  If you are interested in being involved with any of these sports please make a point of discussing it when you attend classroom meetings on 21st and 22nd March.

                                 EASTER BREAK

Please note this is not far away.  AIS will be closed between Friday 28th March and Tuesday 29th March.  Students start back on Wednesday 30th (this also happens to be the first night of our goal setting interviews.



An interview time sheet has been sent home with this newsletter.  These interviews are Wednesday 30th & Thursday 31st March 2.40pm-8.00pm.

Please complete the interview time sheet and return it to school.  If you have students in more than one class try and get them at similar times.  These meetings are very important and we normally get a very good turnout.  Teachers will follow up any missed appointments. ( Note the first day of interviews is Wednesday after the Easter Break).



 A reminder to all parents that the school will be closed to students for a Maths Professional Development day held at AIS.



Floorball (indoor hockey) is coming to Walter Nash Stadium Sports Centre., Taita. Sessions are open to anyone interested.  Equipment will be provided.  Free trial sessions.  For more info email to:

5-6pm Primary Schools, 6-7pm Under 15s, 7-9pm 16+ & adults.

Ian Hastie, Principal