Newsletter No 33 - November 3 03 Nov 2016





You will all by now be well aware of the Government initiative around Communities of Learning which will see groups of school working in clusters around learning. This is a major change in how schools will operate in that they will be working in CoL’s (groups) around specific achievement goals/challenges. The expectations is that all school will become part of a Col. Our CoL (Stokes Valley /Taita) is made up of the following schools Koraunui, Tui Glen, Pomare, Taita College, St Michaels, Taita Central and Avalon Intermediate. We are working hand in hand with the Naenae CoL which is made up of Dyer Street, Belmont, Epuni, Naenae Primary, St Bernadette’s, Rata Street, Naenae College, Naenae Intermediate, Avalon Primary and Kimi Ora.

Both CoL’s are currently working on creating an achievement plan to move forward with, this plan needs to be approved by the MOE. Principals and senior staff have met regularly to discuss our direction and a steering group in moving things forward for both CoL’s. The MOE have also been attending our meetings. It will mean changes to how we all work; it will see all schools involved taking some collegial ownership of our learning community.

Boards of Trustees from all the school will be meeting on November 9th to further discuss our direction.

I will obviously keep you informed but note this change is the biggest change in schooling since tomorrows schools came in to being in 1989. It is an initiative of the current Government.


We have been sending home postcards to parents of identified students informing than about good things that happen at school with their child. This will continue as we try to focus on students making good choices. We are hopeful that these positive cards are appreciated and are generating positive discussion at home.


As we head into our last 6 weeks of 2017 (we have 29 school days left) it is important that a conversation is had at home around expectations at school. This time of year can be challenging with colleges finishing early and the good weather keeping students out later. Parents/caregivers having this expectation conversation with their child are helpful to us as we continue to push to get students learning levels improved before our final National Standards decisions.


Because of a stocktake of library books required for our annual audit the library will be closed from 28TH November.  It is important all books are returned before this time.  Please start a look around home for any AIS library books and return them to school asap.  Thank you.



Wellington Reginal Intermediate Basketball Tournament: Yesterday two Avalon Basketball teams travelled to ASB stadium to compete in this tournament.  Our boys played some classy teams and were faced with marking some opposition players close to 6 feet tall which was a great learning experience for them! The more games they played the better they got and we were unlucky not to win our two games.  It was great to see some younger players step up and take on the challenges that they were faced with and hopefully this continues in the future. 

Our girls teams performed well and were unlucky not to make the final.  They ‘tore’ some of their opposition teams apart with ‘silky’  passing and aggressive defence. These tournaments are fantastic as they allow our students to complete against high quality opposition from other Intermediates from around the region.

Volleyball: the team played two games on Tuesday evening.  They had a win over Chilton St James and a loss to St Bernadettes.

Swimming:  On Tuesday 8th we are entering a team in the swimming sports – Charlotte More R6, Nick Hemming R7 & Killarney Howsan R7

The annual Wellington Intermediate Schools Art Exhibition is being held at Wellington City Library between Tuesday 8th November and Wednesday 18th November.  Nine students from AIS will have their work exhibited.  The students are Hakeema R3, Chelsey R4, Haillee R4, Filippo R5, Angel R7, Kaden R7, Marissa R8, Jayde R8, Jacqui R9.  This is a great opportunity to showcase the talented artists we have at AIS!  Congratulations to you all.  Great skills.


Rachel Fairbairn R2 won the gold card draw for being L – LEADER during the cycle safe sessions.



 Constables “Blue” and Julie from the Lower Hutt police have been working with Sherie and Jan from the HCC to bring Cycle Skills to our school.  It began on Monday with the classes very much enjoying being outside in the sun learning cycling skills.  Thank you to Youth Wise Trust for supplying bikes and helmets for this programme.


This will be held on Tuesday 15th November at 7pm in the Board room.

Ian Hastie, Principal