Year 8

Year 7


                                       Useful websites for home learning 



Please check out Netsafe's article with THE BEST ONLINE SAFETY TIPS FOR LOCKDOWN. A very good read!


Whanau Challenges: - Small Changes is about connecting with the people around us, moving, nourishing and appreciating our bodies are four of the key pillars in feeling happy and healthy. There are lots of activity ideas to help you have fun as a family, keeping your kids busy, learning and happy.


General: Edshed is the umbrella site for The Literacy Shed, The Maths Shed and The Spelling Shed. The Literacy Shed has some great writing prompts. Maths and Spelling sheds have a 14 day free trial option. a great site which has advertised free school and parent access  We are offering our registered Basic members free access to some of our best Premium resources to help support you during school closures. Sign up for a free account to gain access


Literacy: - a great website to find student-friendly local and worldwide news. some free spelling games with pre populated


lists. - has a variety of spelling and writing games/activities to do online. (Flashplayer required for some tasks). - create a visual diary or comic strip. Reading, writing and listening skills Reading, writing and listening skills


Numeracy: - Online mathematics practise. Students have accounts and tasks set. - Basic facts practice. maths site. Has announced some more free resources It’s a fun math-focused game that adapts questions to your child’s individual needs. It helps students gain confidence as they progress through the math curriculum at their own pace. Prodigy rewards students as they learn by unlocking more of the in-game world and features. Plus, the game is safe and private, and a great use of screen time!


Health and PE:


Science and STEM: You can continue to learn at home. Try out fun computer science tutorials, watch videos about computer science concepts, and even build your own projects! Climate change for kids Geography, Science, Social Sciences, Biology STEM activities has free access at the moment coding programme


Touch Typing: - Learn to touch type using these free lessons. Start from the beginning and remember NOT to look at the keyboard! - Challenge your friends and whånau with typing races 


Other: - Students have accounts and have had tasks set for Maths, English, Science, Inquiry, ICT, Health, Language and Visual Arts and Music. - be creative with your presentations. On this site you can make posters, booklets and comic strips among other things. - Keep NZ Beautiful! Litterless interactives to help you understand how important it is to protect our environment - reduce, reuse and recycle!