About Us


Students at Avalon Intermediate School learn in an environment focused on improvement. Respectful, friendly relationships with teachers and, generally, among students, contribute to a settled working atmosphere. Overall, students know the purpose of learning and criteria for success. They set and monitor personal goals and can identify progress.

Students are proud of their school. They enjoy a strong voice in school improvement. The young leaders’ group regularly consult their peers and represent their views to staff, contributing to fresh initiatives. Māori and Pacific students are recognised in school-wide opportunities for leadership. In many areas of the curriculum, students have opportunities to choose within broad themes aligned to their knowledge, strengths, skills and interests. Cultural capacity and competence are nurtured through an effective kapa haka and Pasifika programme.

A variety of effective teaching strategies engage and motivate students. Closely analysed achievement information forms the basis of detailed planning to meet individual students’ identified needs in literacy and numeracy. Teachers build on prior knowledge, provide relevant and high interest resources, use peer and group learning opportunities and model expected outcomes. Relevant activities allow most students to work independently for extended periods of time.