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Term 2 - Week 8 21 Jun 2018

 NEWSLETTER  NO. 18  -  21/6/18



School reports will be sent home on Friday 20th June.  Please ensure you discuss your child’s report so you are well informed prior to parent interviews on the 26th and 28th June.



Booking forms for these interviews were attached to the newsletter last week. They can either be made online using event code mnd64 or by calling the school office 5677453. A book fair will be held in the Arts Block both nights at the time of the interviews. Please come along and have a look at what is available. Note: There will not be study centre on Tuesday 26th June and Thursday 28th June because of these interviews.



Our year 8 students visited Taita College yesterday for an orientation visit at the College. All year 8 students attended and feedback from students was it was well worth the visit. A reminder that the Taita College Open Evening is Thursday 21st June at 7:00pm (TONIGHT!)



A number of students arrived late or did not arrive at all this morning with no notification of the reason they are absent. This can take the office 90 minutes to follow up trying to find out  why your child is late or not at school. Please help your child/ren get to school before the 8.45am bell and also allow our office staff to be working on supporting learning, not making phone calls.


POLYFEST 2016 WALTER NASH CENTRE (Wednesday 4th July)

This takes place the week of 4th July with many performances each night and during the day.  AIS will be performing Wednesday 6-00 – 8.00pm.  Doors open at 5.00pm.  Tickets are now available from our front office and the cost is $5.00 each.  Tickets are limited so please get in quick to purchase – the week is an outstanding week of student performances and well worth seeing.

PAID UNION MEETING – Friday 29th June 2018

As you may be aware all teachers are currently discussing the shortage of teachers, their conditions, workload and pay rates. The Primary Teachers Union (NZEI) has a Paid Union Meeting on the afternoon of Friday 29th June which most of our teachers need to attend. AIS will close at 1:00pm on this day. The school bus run will pick students up at this earlier time. We apologise for the inconvenience that this may cause. Contact the school office, if you are unable to make suitable arrangements for your child as we have some staff remaining on site with the Principal.


Hearing Association Hutt Valley

The hearing association would like to remind parents to educate their children about safe hearing due to the rise of noise induced hearing loss. Discuss with your children that hearing loss can occur when you listen to loud sounds for a long time. Ensure everyone wears earplugs or earmuffs to noisy events, and teach your children to turn the sound down, walk away from loud sounds. Remember if you are listening to music and have to raise your voice to be heard the music is too loud!



The new bus runs have started with a few expected delays, we hope that these will sort themselves out quickly. Please note that the trip home is taking a lot longer than prior to the changeover, we are continuing to work through our options with the company.



Waterpolo Results from last night: The waterpolo team played Sacred Heart Petone and AIS won 17-4.

Basketball Results from last night:

AIS Chieftains v  WIS Lions

Lost 25-44

AIS Pendants v Maidstone Magic

Lost 10-37

AIS Pharaohs v St Orans 2

Won 26-5

AIS Servals v HIBS Aces

Won 19-15


This week’s netball draw                             Results from Saturday 16th June

AIS 1 vs Maidstone Int at 3pm Court 7

Lost to Hutt D           18-15

AIS 2 vs Maidstone Int at 11am court 6

Lost to Muritai 1       12-11

AIS 3 vs SOC  at 9am Court 6

Lost to St P & P 4      12-8



Please ensure you continue to use the cards otherwise we will lose the privilege, the holidays are coming up, a perfect time to go swimming or to the library.


A small group of students (10) will be representing the school at Cross Country meeting on Monday at Newlands Intermediate.



A reminder that AIS is a member of this Community of Learning comprising 7 schools (Koraunui, Tui Glen, Pomare St Michaels, Taita Central, Taita College and AIS). We are working closely with the Naenae COL made up of 10 schools. We are all working together creating pathways of learning for all our students from Early childhood through to Year 13 at College.


This week the Principal’s award went to Fiona Varun from Room 3 for all round excellence. The Deputy Principal’s award went to Aasia Noanoa - V for an outstanding dance performance at Expressions on the weekend. The Gold card draw was won by Zion Van Nistelrooy of Room 1.


Ian Hastie, Principal




Kaitiaki Whenua
Kaitiaki Whenua
Kaitiaki Whenua