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Term 3 - Week 8 12 Sep 2019


NEWSLETTER TERM 3 – WEEK 8 12/09/2019

Tena koutou katoa

Thank you to all of our staff and students who have helped to celebrate Te Wiki o te reo Maori this week at school. It was great to see so many students supporting the hangi lunch to support a Year 9 student at Naenae College fundraise for a sports trip to America - we hope they enjoyed their lunch. Thank you for your support. 



Unfortunately we are not able to participate in the Kapa Haka Festival next week (Te Ora Atamira) because Jonas Malmanche is away for the next few weeks. We are so appreciative of the support and work that he does with our students, and we look forward to performing to our local primary schools in Term 4 instead. 



There will not be a Goodtime Music Foundation on Friday 13th September because there has been a bereavement and the Goodtime staff are not able to run their programme for this week. Lessons will resume next week. 



Our teachers have just finished collecting our term 3 assessment information. Students have completed easTTle reading and writing tests and we will begin our maths testing shortly. I have chosen two pieces of writing from two students in Rm 6 who selected the prompt ‘Is it wrong to fight?’ Thank you Trean and Sanomiya for sharing your writing and well done. Teachers are using this information to look at where students are working and to identify next steps for term 4. We don’t have parent-teacher meetings in Term 3 but you are always welcome to contact your child’s classroom teacher if you would like and update on how your child is going. Our end of year reports will come home at the end of term 4. 



Congratulations to Theo Getahun, Rm 1 for receiving the Principal’s Award this week. Theo is a wonderful leader, an incredibly gifted writer and a pleasure to have at our school. Ka rawe! Also congratulations to ___ who won our gold card prize this week, another wonderful role model who helps to make our school a great place for everyone. 




There were not basketball games this week because of students participating in NZ AIMS games. The draw for Wednesday 18th September is not available at present.

Water Polo Results:

We lost to HIBS 8-6

A special thank you to Josh Candy, who attends St Patrick’s College, who coaches this team on Wednesday evenings. Josh is an ex-AIS student who continues to support our school and students - nga mihi ki a koe! 


Monday 16th Sept:   Girls Futsal Tournament, Walter Nash 

Tuesday 17th Sept:   Artsplash Performance and Wearable Arts, BOT Meeting 6:30pm

Wednesday 18th Sept:  Girls Rugby Tournament, Wainuiomata 

Thursday 19th Sept:  Tuia Trip (see below), Rm 9 to World of Waste Tour, PCT Challenge Walter Nash 


Tuesday 24th Sept: Term 3 Final Assembly 1:10pm start - all welcome! 

Wednesday 25th Sept: Interschool Boys Basketball Tournament 

Thursday 26th Sept:  Interschool Girls Basketball Tournament and Gardasil Immunisations 

Friday 27th Sept: Whole school Turbo Touch Tournament at Walter Nash - come down to support your child and play!  Last day of term – school closes at normal time




On Thursday 19th September we will be taking Rm 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7  and 8 to Lower Hutt Events Centre for Tuia = An Instrumental Journey which is presented Horomona Horo, an expert in traditional Maori music and Maori singer songwriter Maisey Rika and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. The performance will explore the significance of music during the first encounters of Maori and Europeans 250 years ago. We will learn about the whakapapa of all instruments, hear what they sound like, and how their sound can merge together. There is no cost for schools and they have also supplied buses for our students which we are very appreciative of. We would like 2 parent/whanau helpers from each class please, if you are able to help, please return the slip below. Aasia Noanoa has written a reflection about Horomona’s visit to our school earlier this term. 

Earlier this term we had a special guest come into our school, Horomona Horo - a Maori musician and composer. He ran an hour workshop with the school, showing us some Maori instruments. He talked to us about what the instruments were made from, how and why they were used in the olden days, and what made the instruments so special. Avalon intermediate students loved his visit and really enjoyed the experience of learning about the traditional Maori instruments and where they came from. We hope he can come in again, to expand our knowledge even more about these instruments, and a bit about Maori culture.          By Aasia Noanoa 

Nga manaakitanga,

Ariana Te Whetu   Acting Principal 





If you are able to come with us , please complete the following details:


YES I am able to come to Tuia - An Instrumental Journey. Please be at school at 10:15am and go to your child’s classroom. 


Child’s name: _____________________________________________

Child’s classroom: ________________________________

Name of family member coming: _______________________________________________         



By Trean Harrison 


Is it wrong to fight? Is the question that I will be answering. Everybody  has their own opinions but hear mine out. 


Fighting is an unreasonable way to sort things out. Sure we have our reasons but think to yourself “Are my  reasons really good enough?” Are they good enough to give or get given a broken nose, bruised eye and a broken jaw? These days all us kids ever care about is how we look in other people's eyes. Most people fight to look strong, to be popular. Popularity is a drug to all kiddos. 


Fighting really sucks.

You win, they come back with more.

You lose, your image to people is considerably “weak”.

Everybody hates losing and trust me I do too but to be able to lose and accept that you’ve lost is a win in any book. Again I’m not here to say you've won, I'm here to support my opinion.


Although you may have won it is really going to mess up your education for the future. You may not be a “bad” person but schools wouldn’t want a person who fights.


Now I’m just ranting on but hopefully I made myself clear.
Thank you for reading. 

Is it right or wrong to fight?  

By Sanomiya Sathasivam


In my opinion fighting isn’t wrong, but it depends on what you fight for. There are many meanings to fight, it’s not always physically done. Fighting is a tool that all of us use for our own opinions. Mostly it’s regarding people's point of view. It can either lead to danger or to peace.


Some physical fights such as martial arts, and combat sports are taught, as well as used in competitions and shows. In this case they won’t fight for what is right or wrong, but to win. Even if, they possibly risk their lives, they are happy doing it, since that is what they are passionate about it. They don’t do it for anyone else themselves.


Protesting, striking is a fight for what is right for the future. It may not be about their happiness, but for the happiness of their next generation. This can fail, yet I am sure that those pupils would get an answer for why that was the result. Things are not always right or wrong. When there must be a change, you must let the person that had to do with it. 


You must fight to protect yourself, whether it is mentally or physically. You have to face your fears, worries and many things in yourself. Sometimes, when you are sick, you need to fight against your germs. If there is a danger, you can fight not just for you, but for many other people, that are like you. As an example, there is something that happened to you by something or someone, and it is not fair, then you need to fight,so that it doesn ´t 

Happen again.


Argument is also known as one type of fight. When you argue, it means using you words as to fight. Here you argue so you voice and opinions can be heard. Sometimes some people are scared to do it, but you do it for those who need to hear it. Every argument has a solution. In an argument both of their ideas can be right ,so you have to listen as well as talk.


Fighting is a tool, that has to be used properly. Just because anyone can fight it doesn’t mean you have to fight for everything. On the other hand if peace was an option rather than fight, then your choice should be peace.





Kaitiaki Whenua
Kaitiaki Whenua
Kaitiaki Whenua