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TERM 1 - (Holidays) 06 Apr 2020


Rahina, te 6 o Paenga-whawha - Monday 6th April 2020 


I hope you are all well and that your bubble is safe and happy. It has been lovely talking with families over the past few days and hearing how they are getting along. There are some awesome things that people are doing to pass the time and it was nice to talk to some of our students again! I have a few things to update you with this week.



The Ministry of Education is looking at ways to support students with distance learning and has requested more information around this. They are looking to provide devices for students who do not have one at home, however this will be dependent on requirements and availability across New Zealand.  I have asked teachers to make contact with you all over the next few days and find out..


1. How are you going?

2. Does your child need a device (a laptop or chromebook) so that they can access our online learning activities?

3. Do you have internet access at home?

We will also confirm your address as materials or possibly devices would be sent directly to your home.

There are some families who we have not been able to get hold of because cell phone numbers are not working. We have contacted 70% of families and are still working through our lists, but if you haven’t heard from us and your child needs a device, please email this information directly to me 

We will submit this information to the MOE by tomorrow, so please get in touch with us as soon as possible.



From Tuesday 14th April (next week) our teachers will be supporting student learning via email and using Google Apps for Education. We are working through what online learning will ‘look like’ at the moment. From our contact with whanau over the past few days however, it is clear that a lot of students do not have access to devices which will present challenges. It is also important to note that we don’t want any parents to feel pressured to ensure your child is completing all set work tasks, if they are able to complete their work that is GREAT but we do not want school work to be a reason for conflict at this challenging time. In the meantime, if your child does have a device and you want educational activities for your child to do, check out our school website under the headings ‘Our Learning’ and then ‘Online Learning’. 



Over the next few weeks I am going to run a lockdown competition for students and families. 

  • Winning entries will be published on our school Facebook page and in our newsletter (by submitting an entry you are giving permission for it to be published). 

  • The judging panel will consist of the Senior Leadership Team. 

  • The winning family for each challenge will receive a $30 prezzi card (to be given when we are back at school). 


I am looking for the most CREATIVE photo to show something AWESOME that you or your whanau has done to keep safe and happy during lockdown. 

Please send entries to by 5pm on Monday 13th April. 


Stay safe,


Ariana Te Whetu 







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