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TERM 2 - WEEK 3 28 Apr 2020


Ratu 28 o Paenga-whawha - Tuesday 28th  April 2020

Term 2, Week 3


Kia ora koutou,


Level 3 Update

Today is the first day of Alert Level 3 and from tomorrow, we will only have 7 students returning to school. These students are on our alert level 3 school roll and are the only students we are expecting to have onsite each day. Staff who are working in our learning bubbles were in school today, preparing and setting these spaces up. The parents of these children received information about how the learning bubble will work and how we will keep their child safe while they are at school during the day. 


A reminder about Level 3 for schools

The key message for you is that if you can, you should continue to keep your child at home. 

  • You should only physically send your child to school if you need to. 

  • If your child has a health condition that means they are at a greater risk of a severe illness you must keep them at home.  

  • If your child is sick, please also ensure you keep them at home. 

  • We will continue to support the learning of students who will be staying at home and teachers will still keep in regular contact with you all. 

  • If you need to return to work, and you cannot organise care for your child, then contact the school office or email your child’s teacher and we will then work with you to organise a date that they can return to school. 

  • Students who will be attending school at Level 3 will be doing on the same programme as students who are learning from home. They will be supervised by a staff member and we will be ensuring they follow the physical distancing rules, but they will be carrying on with the same work as their peers who are not at school. 


Parents of students who are continuing to work from home: 

  • Thank you for your support by keeping your child at home. This has helped us to organise our school in a safe way, and support those families who need to return to work but cannot organise care for their child. 

  • If your situation changes however, and you need to send your child back to school, please call the school office or email your child’s teacher to let them know. We will then let you know, when we have placed them in a learning bubble, and when they can return to school. 


Device Update

  • Most devices that students were waiting on have now been delivered. We have a small number still at school that we will organise delivery for this week. 

  • If you do not have the internet at home, we will continue to support your child’s learning from home through work packs and the MOE home learning packs. If you do manage to get the internet connected and would like to borrow a school device, please email your child’s classroom teacher. We are still hoping that the Ministry of Education will be able to courier a device and help with internet set up, this is taking a lot of time however as their priority was students in Years 11 - 13. 

Again, thank you to our BOT for agreeing to loan our school devices and for their ongoing support and commitment to helping our students and school community at this time. 

Please remind your child to take good care of the device as we want them to be used by lots of our students in the future. 


Logging into Chromebooks:  

  • To access our chromebooks students must login using their AIS gmail address. They all have one of these and it is their first name followed by the first initial of their surname, then  They then have their own password.  If they have forgotten this, please email their classroom teacher to reset it. 


Our Home Learning Plan

  • A reminder that information about our Home Learning Plan is on our school website and all of the learning activities are in students’ Google Drive. Students need to read their school email to find the information and instructions from their teacher. There is lots of work in each student’s Google Drive and we hope that they are enjoying it. 

  • This week we are setting up a Home Learning Site which will be available through our school website. We will have this available from Friday 1st May. This is where students and parents will go to see the activities students can do when they are on a device and they will continue to organise their work through their Google Drive. We are trying to keep this as simple as possible for students and parents. 


Challenge #2 Winner - ANZAC CHALLENGE

Mrs Herd had such a difficult job choosing the best out of all the entries you sent in.  In the end, she had to get her children to help!  Anzac Day this year was certainly a new and different way to remember the sacrifices made by others, and your entries show the creativity and variety of talent in our community. Well done to you all! WE will put all of the entries onto our Facebook page. Congratulations to Maia Pikari, the winner this week.  The judges were very impressed with all the work which Maia did to create the many detailed images in her display. Well done Maia, you have won a $30 Prezzi Card which we can give you when we return to school. 





As we leave Alert level 4 and go into Alert level 3, it would be really nice to think about someone special who has helped you cope in lockdown.  It could be someone in your bubble, or someone outside your bubble who has made it all the more manageable.  We would like you to write a poem, draw a picture or make some other artwork, showing who they are and why they are special!

Please send entries to by 5pm on Monday 4th May.

(Mrs Robinson will be judging the entries this week) 


A message to the AIS Staff and BOT

Finally, I would like to thank our AIS staff and BOT for their work during Alert Level 4 and for the work required to reopen our school at Alert Level 3. Although our school was closed, they have all been incredibly busy over the holiday break and like so many other NZers, have juggled their work and their own families over this time. 


Thank you to Mrs Murdoch, our senior leaders, teachers, support staff members and BOT for the way in which you have worked as a team. I am incredibly proud of the work that our team has done over the past 5 weeks and I feel very privileged to work alongside this team, as we navigate a very difficult time. 


Please stay safe, stay home if you can, wash your hands and take care.


Nga mihi nui,

Ariana Te Whetu 





Kaitiaki Whenua
Kaitiaki Whenua
Kaitiaki Whenua