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NEWSLETTER NO. 23 13/8/2015 13 Aug 2015

NEWSLETTER NO. 23     13/8/2015


MAGIC CARD – A privilege for AIS students

We hope all students are making full use of the free library, internet and swimming pool use.  We are aiming to have ALL STUDENTS using the cards at libraries and pools.  At this stage a number have never used them!



Just Get Organised: For many people, being organised, efficient, punctual and liberated just don’t go together.  However learning how to get there is worth its weight in gold.  Imagine a happier you, a more peaceful atmosphere, space for more creativity and simply feeling on top of stuff.  Kids love it when you write up the plan for the day, have decided what is for tea and have the plan for the day, have decided what is for tea and have the school lunches ready the night before.  The order creates security.

Sourced with permission from Parents Inc.


The last classroom meeting is tonight for Room 4.  Some classes have had excellent turn outs of parents/caregivers;   some not so good.  We are trying to maximise our communication between home and school and keep parents/caregivers fully informed of what is happening in their child’s classroom. 

A big thank you to those of you who have attended your child’s informal class meetings. We are sure you are feeling more informed about what’s going on at AIS!


There is still chocolate taken last term that has not been either paid for nor unsold chocolate bars returned to school.  If this is you, please could you sort it out now.  Distribution and collection of money is a huge task for the office so we would appreciate a quick turn around please.  Congratulations to the students who have got behind this fundraising and with the support of their families have already paid all their school fees.  Great effort!!!



Held Tuesday 18th August @ 6.30pm in the BOT meeting room.



This is an exciting learning programme that will support classroom maths.  Take the opportunity to work alongside your child at home supporting them with their learning. 


We start our very important swimming programme a week on Monday (24th August).  The expectation is that all students will participate in the 8 coached swimming lessons.  The normal cost of this programme is a great deal more than the $30 we are charging parents/caregivers.  Many of our students cannot swim! Please parents/caregivers can you get the $30 paid so that your child can take part in the programme. 



With the opportunity to sell chocolates to support camp payments we continue to remind parents/caregivers about the $90.  Camps are actually not far away and we want most students to get there.  Holdsworth Lodge is a great location and our students will enjoy the experience.



Netball Changes of Times/Courts for 15th August: Pulse 9am court 3,   Diamonds 11am court 6,    Magics 11am court 2 and Ferns 3pm court 2.

Volley Ball Tournament – this took place on Wednesday at the ASB Stadium in Wellington.  Our teams were very competitive and a number of games were decided by one point.  Unfortunately neither of our teams were placed in the top three but we are proud of their sportsmanship.

Waterpolo: the team had a solid performance last night winning 11-3 against Wilford.  A good workout before the FINAL next Wednesday.



Yesterday a small group of our Pasifika students visited and performed for the residents.  It was thoroughly enjoyed;  great to see our students out in the community entertaining.



This week we have successfully carried out our term drills for earthquake, lockdown and fire.




Kaitiaki Whenua
Kaitiaki Whenua
Kaitiaki Whenua