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NEWSLETTER NO. 2 - 11/2/16 11 Feb 2016

NEWSLETTER   NO. 2 - 11/2/16

I would like to compliment Avalon Intermediate students on their appearance and behaviour.  It is such a pleasure to see young adults making good choices about their behaviour, living up to the expectations we have at school and wearing their school uniform with pride. It has been a great start to the year with learning very much the focus. Please check your child has their full stationery and all their uniform is CLEARLY named. The challenge now is for these high standards to continue all year.

Important areas to note: Be at school every day.Be in school by 8.45am!



We hope to see every student represented by a parent/caregiver tonight.  Please come along and be part of our school community.  We can assure you the evening is informal but a great opportunity for school and home to meet.



Why is breakfast so important for children?

Breakfast is literally ‘breaking the fast’ since it’s the first meal after sleeping.  After this ‘fast’ our body has gone through hours of no nutrients so we need to nourish our hungry brain and body (a.k.a. breakfast).  Studies who skip breakfast are lethargic, irritable, have low concentration levels, are absent minded and perform at a lower rate compared to those children who eat breakfast on a regular basis.  Also children who don’t eat a good breakfast tend to eat more junk food during the day – snacks that are high in fat and sugar and low in nutritional value.  Please make sure before your child heads out the door they have got something nutritious in their stomachs and they have a lunchbox packed full of sustainable food that will fuel their learning”.  Sourced with permission from Parents Inc.


We are part of a Fruit in Schools Programme and are supplied with fruit for students and staff.  Eating this fruit has made a significant difference to our student’s concentration levels.  We have a canteen which is open every day and students are not encouraged to go into the dairy before school!! 


A notice went home today with all bus students.  Can all parents/caregivers

and students make sure they are read and signed.  Please ensure all return slips come back to school signed.



The following notices have been sent home and we would like them signed and returned to school as soon as possible please:

Student Expectations, Day Trips out of School, Website Permission and Student Acceptable Use Policy & Bus Students .

We are keeping records of students who return their forms to school as the Expectations, Day Trips and Website are necessary for us to have on file



I choose a student who has ‘stood out’ to win my Principal’s Award each week.

Gold cards are given as an incentive to our students who are carrying out the student expectations of our school acrostic AVALON.  The letter will be ringed to show which ideal the student showed ie A- Attend, V -Value, A - Aspire, L- Learner/Leader, O – Our Place, N – Never Give Up. The gold cards for the week are collected and put into a ‘lucky draw’.  The card chosen will win a prize.  At the end of each term all the term’s cards are put in together for a big prize and at the end of the year for a VERY BIG PRIZE.   We recognize positive behaviour, work skills and making good choices at AIS.

Congratulations to Mya Kaden R 3 for the Principal’s Award  and Ilma Aminudeen R8  Room  (the gold card for “Our Place”) who were the weeks award winners.  What a positive start this year at Avalon Intermediate!!!



As you aware we have been fortunate to be the school chosen to work with Sport NZ and the Hutt City Council trialing a programme using sport as a driver to engage students more with their learning.  Last year Room 7 led the trial however other classes were also using sport to engage.  The trial will continue through to July 2017.  This year most if not all classes will be involved using sport as a learning driver.



Please note: the school will be closed to students on  Friday 8th April as a maths in-service day is being held at our school for a large group of teachers.  I apologise for any inconvenience and the day will be made up at the end of the year.  Can you please diary this date.


Ian Hastie Principal




Kaitiaki Whenua
Kaitiaki Whenua
Kaitiaki Whenua