For over 17 years I have helped lead Avalon Intermediate in a positive direction that values the many strengths of each person.


I expect a lot from the students who come to our school, after all they are the future of our community. We're committed to helping them both understand their dreams and practise the skills they need to reach them.


I lead a team that is organised, creative and effective at supporting the learning of every student in our community. We're committed to making sure that our young adults find excitement and achivement in the skills, knowledge and relationships that they gain through their two years with us. I continue to demand a high standard from our young adults and I am there to support and celebrate their accomplishments. 


Ian Hastie









Mr Hastie is the most outgoing person I know.He has a very important role as a leader.  He wears a suit jacket and black jeans. When he talks its like a puzzle and us (the students) have to put the pieces together to find the message. He has very stern blue eyes. He walks fast as if he means business. Every now and then you can have a joke with him. He always fills your mind with words of wisdom.


Mr Hastie is really into the sixties music. He is working hard to make school life fun and enjoyable. He is friendly towards the staff and us. When he talks he puts his hand in his pocket and rattles coins. He asks us questions about what we learned or just school in general.



Mr Hastie has high morals. He has high expectations and expects us to represent AIS as a wonderful school. During assembly he is always engaged to what other teachers have to say. He is usually happy but can get grumpy within reason. He has a very good memory. 


Mr Hastie is usually found in his office on the computer or having an endless conversation on the phone. His most prized positions are the photos of his family. He has proudly put pictures of Avalon students up on the wall. He presents himself as the man he is: organized and sophisticated with passion.


by Selena Cotter