Rosemary Wards

Team Leader

Soft Materials

Working with fabrics has always been a pastime of mine. I also enjoy gardening, reading and exploring the outdoors with my family. Teaching Fabric Technology combines my love of teaching with my love of creating with fabric. 



Heather Pointon          


I really love teaching students about food and nutrition, cooking lots of great food and having students producing food. I believe to be able to prepare food is such a great skill and it creates a wonderful teaching environment.


Andrew Connochie       


I enjoy teaching Avalon students as well as client schools technology skills and practical wood skills. Avalon Intermediate is a fantastic school to work at. The staff are supportive and the students are keen to learn. 





Steph Robinson


Steph joined our tech team last year and has brought new ideas and boundless enthusiasm to working alongside our students at AIS and also those from other schools that visit us for Technology.





Paascalino Schaller - 

I am looking forward to teaching in the music room this year because I know that our students are particularly talented in this area and I am excited about what I can help them to create. I am particularly looking forward to using our new keyboards and ukuleles!

Kirsten Herd

Visual Art

I love teaching art at AIS, the satisfaction of watching young people realise that, 'they can be creative' is priceless. I love the tactile aspects of art and the variety of mediums we get to experiment with.