Full School Uniform



Pe Uniform



This will be worn neatly and correctly at all times. Uniform will be clean and with rips mended. Appropriate sports shoes, with laces, must be worn at lunchtime and during PE lessons, and may also be worn to and from school if students choose. Socks can be black or white. Jewellery and hair rules will be followed i.e. hair ties are green, black or white. The only jewellery acceptable is one stud per ear. Hair must be of a natural colour, and make-up and nail polish is not to be worn.


Uniform Prices 2018

AIS Polo Top        $30  



AIS PE Top           $30            


AIS Sweatshirt     $46



AIS Trackpants  (optional)   $36


AIS Shorts           $26     


AIS Hat                $15